“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”

-- Pablo Picasso


My purpose is to help my clients craft personally creative, beautiful and lasting symbols of home and comfort. In the creation of quilts, I want to a share a creative process that brings peace and provides comfort; that feeds our spirits and nourishes our souls.


I am a lifelong creative soul, passionate about all things handmade, unique, and beautiful. It makes me particularly happy when I can combine function AND beauty in the same creation. I learned how to make quilts in 1993 and I learned to free-motion quilt in 2005 to facilitate getting my quilts finished faster! Ever since I learned to free-motion quilt my favourite part of quilt-making has been the quilting itself. I quilt on a Handiquilter longarm.


All my quilting is free-hand; either edge to edge or custom. I don’t use templates. I occasionally use rulers or chalk guides when a high level of precision is called for by the design. Because my quilting is not produced by a computer you will see the “hand of the artist” in my work, just like any handcrafted work.