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Why hire a longarm quilter?



Why hire a longarm quilter?


There are a lot of advantages to having your quilt professionally longarm quilted:

  • No need to crawl around on the floor basting your quilt! Hiring a longarmer lets you completely avoid this strenuous and tedious part of quilting.

  • We all have a lot of demands on our time and quilting is time-consuming. The expense of having a quilt professionally quilted is a great trade-off for getting some hours of your life back.

  • Machine quilting is strenuous and large quilts, in particular, are tough to quilt on a domestic machine. Longarm quilters can take away all that hand, arm, shoulder and neck fatigue and pain.

  • Longarm quilters are quite accessible giving you lots of choices for finding the perfect quilting for your quilts.

  • There are quite a few longarmers out there keeping the competition up and the prices reasonable.


Choosing a longarm quilter


Choose your longarm quilter carefully. After all the work you have put into your quilt top you want quilting that will enhance its beauty and complement it perfectly.

  • ask friends and family for recommendations.

  • browse through portfolios of longarm quilters.




Pricing is based on the complexity of the design and the density of the quilting within the category that applies to your quilt:


Minimum charge: $60

Freehand edge to edge - $.02/square inch and up

  • For all-over texture


Edge to edge with separate border(s) - $.25/square inch and up

  • Edge to edge in centre PLUS each border (or sashing) is quilted with a border design


Custom quilting (without stitch-in-ditch)- $.03/square inch and up

  • As above PLUS a custom block design is quilted in the quilt blocks


Custom quilting that includes stitch-in-ditch - $.04/square inch and up

  • As above PLUS ditch quilting around blocks and between borders


Heirloom quilting and custom thread painting - $.05/square inch and up

  • Small scale background designs, designs that require marking or free-motion thread painting added to stitch-in-ditch custom quilting


Other services/fees

  • Square backing - $25/hr

  • Small backing charge - $15-25

  • Piece and square backing - $10/seam

  • Rush charge - $40

  • Pressing top or back - $25/hr

  • Variegated or other specialty thread charges - $5-30